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Beef Samosa   (Samosa is a fried pastry filled with spiced beef, chicken, or vegetables) $3.50
Chicken Samosa     $2.50
Vegetable Samosa     $2.00
Chapati   (Chapati is a tasty flatbread) $2.00

Full Tray

Selected Items   Full Tray Half Tray
Pilau Rice
Fragrant rice made with spices that add flavour
  $160.00 $80.00
Coconut Rice
Rice cooked with coconut milk
  $120.00 $60.00
A blend of mashed potatoes, dried peas, and corn
  $100.00 $50.00
Goat Stew
Goat smothered in liquid and aromatic spices
  $400.00 $200.00
Beef Stew
Beef and assorted veggies cooked in a spiced aromatic gravy
  $250.00 $125.00
Chicken Curry
Chicken in creamy curry spices
  $200.00 $100.00
Bean Stew
Beans cooked with aromatic spices
  $75.00 $37.50
Baked Chicken
Juicy baked chicken seasoned with a blend of spices
  $175.00 $87.50
Sautéed Cabbage
Sauteed cabbage and carrots seasoned
  $70.00 $35.00
Collards / Spinach
Sauteed collards seasoned
  $80.00 $40.00
A sweet fried pastry African doughnut
  $60.00 $30.00

Full tray feeds 25-30 people | Half tray feeds 10-15 people

We also make individual dinner plates locally (pick-up).

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