About Us

My name is Mary Muthuri, and I am the owner of Kenya Mama LLC, doing business as Kenya Mama’s Kitchen, which was established in February 2022. I was born and raised in Kenya, in a home where the robust flavors of East Africa were an integral part of our culinary culture. Gardening chores were a normal part of life, and our family often spent long hours tending to the garden. By the time we finished, we were tired, hot, and hungry.

While I didn't enjoy gardening, I had a passion for cooking. I proposed to my parents that I stay home to prepare meals for the family while they worked in the garden. They agreed, and this arrangement allowed me to experiment with different recipes and spice blends. Over time, my culinary skills flourished, and my family began to appreciate the rich, flavorful dishes I created.

Driven by my desire to share the traditional flavors of my homeland with the world, I developed my All-Purpose African Seasoning Blend. This blend captures the authentic, unique, and vibrant flavors of East Africa, bringing them to your table.