About Us

My name is Mary Muthuri the owner of Kenya Mama LLC dba Kenya Mama’s Kitchen which started in February 2022. I was born and raised in Kenya and I grew up in a home surrounded by the robust flavors of East Africa, where spices are deeply ingrained in the cultural cuisine. Growing up in Kenya gardening chores are normal and so we had days when the family tended the garden. It took long hours of hard work and by the time we were done, everyone was tired, hot and hungry. Since I didn't like gardening, but enjoyed cooking, I suggested to my parents to allow me to be left at home cooking for the family so that when they came back from the garden there would be food ready. They agreed and I would try different recipes and mix spices and with time everyone noticed how flavorful my food was.  Springing from my desire to share the traditional flavors of my homeland with the rest of the world, I blended my All Purpose African Seasoning Blend which brings the authentic, unique, and vibrant flavors of East Africa to your table!